George McCaffrey

P.O. Box 23865
Oklahoma City, OK 73123

fax 405-767-3309



Our Experienced Attorneys and Advocates from Disability Advocates of Oklahoma

  1. Assist parents and children with Special Needs in:
  2. IEP: Develop & Plan & Enforce
  3. Discipline, Suspension, or other Behavioral Problems in School
  4. We can prevent children with Special Needs from being Suspended or Disciplined by School Districts
  5. DHS attempts to remove children from Parents
  6. Section 504 Plans, Hearings, and Appeals
  7. Social Security (SSI) benefits
  8. Special Needs Trusts: Assistance in providing Financial care for your special needs child

Social Security Disability Claims

  • Adult and Children SSI Filing
    Social Security Appeals

Disability/Education Law

  • Assistance in Determining Cause of Disability:
    Medical Negligence
    Improper Prescriptions
    Exposure to Toxins (such as cold medications, diet stimulants, lead paint, industrial pollutants, etc.)
  • Enforcement of Individul Education Plans (IEP) & Enforcement of Sec 504 Rights
    Due Process Hearings Assistance
    Federal Court Litigation
    Suing School Districts for Punitive/emotional distress damages suffered as result of failure to provide FAPE under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) or failing to provide benefits under Sec. 504 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    Lawsuits Against School Boards, Medical Providers, HMOs
    EPSDT Program Assistance
    IDEA Act Assistance
    Section 504: obtaining benefits; enforcing; suing to recover damages
    Americans with Disabilities Act Assistance
    Assistance in Applying for/Receiving SSI Benefits